SNOW WARS – Award winning documentary



Snow Wars

Living in the great expanse of the Canadian Northwest surrounded by a mighty natural landscape the

people of British Columbia have developed a distinct way of life. Their culture differs from that of their European ancestors in many ways, in part because the myths and legends of the natives such as those about Sasquatches have become entrenched in the society of modern day British Columbia.

The Rocky Mountains in northern British Columbia belong to the most beautiful regions in the world: endless forests, secluded lakes and wild creeks characterise the untamed landscape here. It is a paradise for humans and animals alike, especially in the winter season when the fresh snow piles meters high on the mountains and transforms the landscape into a wintery wonderland.
But the apparent serenity is deceptive – the possibility of massive avalanches coming down the steep mountainsides is ever-present.

We visited the descendants of the adventurers who conquered this land in the 19th century and show the people who today face forces of nature and risk their lives to maintain the arterial roads through the mountains, incredibly vulnerable and yet essential to human survival, from being overwhelmed by masses of snow…