Ever since the time I was sneaking into a theater as a kid to see movies intended for a much older audience, I was fascinated by those moving pictures on the big screen, being totally absorbed into another world. At that time I couldn´t even imagine being a part of this some day, my picture making abilities limited to what I captured with my father´s Canon A1 camera. But sometimes destiny strikes. So one day at high school, a couple of teachers were planning a little movie for a school project and, having no better choice, chose me to be the film´s cameraman amongst a group of other total amateurs. An experience that changed everything for me.


Today, with the experience of 20 years as a director and cinematographer, I still consider myself to be privileged, being able to work in the business that I love. Making films is a highly collaborative task, uniting many committed and passionate people, struggling to make magic happen and to create emotions of all kinds. Their shared effort is to tell a story. That´s what my job is about.

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